Message from the Principal

So often in life you hear people talk about their lives being a roller coaster ride.  You hear... But do you really hear?


From being the one and only teacher  at The Dolphin Schools from February till May 2003, with exactly five children in the entire school, to where we are today.  In the past 14 years a lot of growth have happened.  The school grew out of the "groendakkies" huis into the beautiful premises that it is in today.  The 5 students became more than 320.  One teacher became a full staff with teachers, HODs, principals and even a Director.  Grade 5 (our first grade in the school) became our 5th grade 12 class.  


When my dad passed away in 2015 I realized that,  as the only daughter and with my brother living in NZ, I had more responsibilities than The Dolphin Schools.  I left for Langebaan, on the West Coast of South Africa, on 6 December 2015, where I continued packing and packing and packing. It was either in or out for about a year. I must admit....for a while it was good to have only one other responsibility.  To walk Zeus on the beautiful white sand beach early mornings. But alas....I started missing "home" and children and school... And on 21 February 2016, with my mom settled in her new place, I arrived back in Walvis Bay.  On 22  February I started teaching at Westside High in Swakop-mund, where I stayed for the remainder of the year.  I learnt many valuable lessons in 2016, which turned out to be one of the best years of my life. 


You’ve heard a little bit about my rollercoaster ride of 2016.  I'm pretty sure yours were quite hectic too.  From the bottom of my heart I hope you can all say that it was a good year for you too.  But, dear parents, if what we had in 2016 was good, bring on 2017. Because you ain't seen nothing yet, the best is yet to come! 


The teams (you, me, the teachers and learners) will put in just a little more effort. Discipline will be a little bit stricter. Expectations will be higher. And together we will all achieve more.  I must learn, you will have to be patient and our children will commit and engage.  The challenge is on.  


I believe our parents play a critical role in the success of our students. Parents, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. We know you know your child better than anyone else.


Teachers, however, have a unique perspective on your child. They see your child as a member of the class and watch as they interact with peers, face the challenge of new learning, ask questions, and solve problems. Parent and teacher perspectives, working in partnership, are critical to ensure that your child’s time at The Dolphin Schools is exciting and rewarding. Thank you for your involvement,support, and cooperation. Working together, I am confident that your family will have a positive educational experience. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be back at The Dolphin Schools.  Now let us take hands and grow this teenager into its adult shoes. With pride. 

Ilse Palomba


Academics - The Secondary School

The Dolphin Secondary School prides itself in offering academic excellence.
Our excellent Grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) results bear testimony to this.  We strive at all times to be a truly academic educational establishment and the classroom interrelationship between student and teacher is paramount to the School’s approach to educating all students.

A core value of our educational philosophy is that our students are expected to work hard and teachers to motivate their pupils; students are expected to be interested in the educational process and teachers to cultivate this interest; our students are expected to enjoy the discipline of study and teachers to teach in a disciplined environment. An education at The Dolphin Schools prepares its students to leave school and progress into tertiary study or employment with confidence.

Our students follow the curricula of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) and write their final Examinations in Grade 12 in English.  The Independent Examinations Board system is considered by many tertiary institutions, teachers, parents and students to be a more challenging, comprehensive assessment when compared with many other educational systems.  The Independent Examinations Board system puts our schools on par with some of the best private schools not only in Namibia, but also in South Africa. It definitely provides our students with a clear advantage when seeking to continue their education and training after grade 12 - both locally and internationally.

Independent Examination Board (IEB)
The IEB is an assessment body, accredited by Umalusi, the South African statutory body responsible for quality assurance for school and adult assessments.  The IEB also provides additional assessments that complement teaching and learning in schools at other levels.  These include International Benchmarking tests, in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).  

The IEB is a recognised player in the South African and Namibian education landscape, committed to building a robust system for all students writing their examinations.  The significance of its independence is to provide an alternate voice on curriculum and assessment matters, to contribute positively to debate on educational issues and to provide an approach that ensures that independent schools are accommodated in respect of their needs and desires within not only the South African, but also the international educational framework.

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